Wreath Sale - Sales Tools

To help Brigaders sell more wreaths, we would like to provide you with the following tools.


Sample Social media post 1

I am selling Brigade Christmas Wreaths. Please let me know how many wreaths I can deliver to you. Click here for the full product offering.


Sample Social media post 2

There is no better way to decorate your house for the holidays than with a Wisconsin grown, Wisconsin made wreath that supports a local nonprofit. Buy your Brigade Wreath from me!


sample social media post 3

A porch pot is the perfect decoration for your front step, apartment balcony, or to keep you company on your commute to work. Buy one from me and you are also supporting all the good the Brigade does in our community. Your car will never smell better. Not sure, ask my parents, they help me deliver these all around town and the van still smells like wreath season last year!

Other Suggestions to improve your wreath sales:

  • Print an extra order form and send it with your parents to work.

  • Sell to your relatives and bring their wreaths to Thanksgiving.

  • Convince your trucker friends to put on their front grill.

  • Sign-up to work one of our retail locations (Krueger’s - Neenah, Kitz & Pfeil - Menasha, Bulk Priced Food Shope - Greenville)