Week of December 2, 2018

Here’s What’s Happening at The Brigade!

Monday Night Boys:

Sunset: Tie Dye & Archery

Rainbow: Tool Box & Gym

Taylor: Puzzles & Climbing

Otter: Hammer & Gym

Round: Cooking & Rec Hall

Columbia: Cooking & Gym

Long: Dust Pan & Riflery

McCrossen: Extension Cord & M2W

Nessling: Para Cord & Gym

Tuesday Night Girls:

Emerald: Cooking Chicken & A Mystery & Shop

Jade: Crayon Melt Art & Riflery

Opal: Wood Launcher & Archery

Ruby: Rooster Dreams Painting & Shop

Topaz: Wood Flower Holder & Shop

Thursday Night Girls:

Austin: Tie Dye & Gym

Boston: Stools & Gym

Honolulu: Cooking & Climbing

Jackson: Glass Fusing & Gym

Juneau: Mosaics & Riflery

Madison: Math Hoops & Rec Hall

Nashville: Cooking & Archery

Next Saturday, December 15

UTV Raffle Ticket winner will be selected at 3pm! Don’t forget to buy your tickets if you haven’t done so already!

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