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Most Brigade companies around the world are run by a volunteer Captain who is wholly responsible for its operations. That was the case here in Neenah-Menasha until 1951 when Jack Casper was hired as the first Executive Director. Since 1951, Captains of our Brigade have served as advisers, counselors, liaisons, Camp Directors, mentors and innovators. Captains advise staff, the Board of Directors, volunteer leaders and Brigaders. They are ambassadors to the community and champions of youth.

2018-2021  Dan Cramer
2019-2022  Sarah Keesler

2016-2019 Marie Morrissey 2015-2018  Alex Johnson
2013-2016  Linda Ahles
2012-2015  Rick Zeumer
2010-2013  Pam Jilek
2009-2012  Tom Romnek
2007-2010  Kelly Retzlaff
2006-2009  Chuck Littlefield
2004-2007  Heather Epley
2003-2006  John Rathert
2001-2004  Kathy Clusman
1998-2003  Steve Foster
1998-2001  Julie Westphal
1993-1998  Jody Hoppe
1988-1993  Ben Adams

1983-1988  Bill Casper 1978-1983  Don Weber
1973-1978  Don Fiedler
1968-1973  Jack Neubauer
1963-1968  Raymond Smith
1958-1963  David Jones
1953-1958  Gordon Altenhofen
1952-1953  Chester Wittenborn
1942-1952  Howard J. Angermeyer
1942-1946  Howard Neubauer
1941-1942  Paul Stacker
1934-1941  Lyall C. Stilp
1919-1934  Leo O. Schubert
1901-1919  S.F. Shattuck
1900-1901  James L. Sorenson