Program Staff 920-725-8992, ext. 26
920-725-8992, ext. 26

MarNIE SPIELBAUER, Program Director

Marnie leads the 6th grade and 8th grade girls’ Building Leaders programs on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  In the summer she manages Girls’ Camp 2 and Girls’ Camp 4 and considers a week at girls’ camp one of her favorite things.  She also manages the Onaway Summer Retreat.

Marnie graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2000 with a degree in Occupational Therapy.  She worked in a hospital setting for a very short time and volunteered as a Brigade leader for one year before taking a position on our Program Staff in 2001.  She was a Brigader and Onaway camper for three years when she was growing up in Neenah.


A short list of Marnie’s favorite things:

  • dogs rescued from shelters

  • time at the beach

  • great vegan food

  • sugar with some coffee in it

  • exercise

  • Mexican restaurants

 A shorter list of things I would like to do in the next few years:

  • travel a lot

  • become a better cook

  • run a half marathon in under 2 hours

  • buy less, adventure more 920-725-8992, ext. 24
920-725-8992, ext. 24

Nick Malcore, Program Leader

Nick leads the boys' Building Leaders programs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  In the summer he manages Boys’ Camp 3 and Onaway Adventure Camp. Nick is a Brigade alumnus and previously worked as a chore boy at Camp Onaway, volunteered at Boys' 3, LTC and Anchor Camp, and was employed as a lifeguard at camp for two years before joining the program staff in 2017.


I am a proud recent graduate of the University of Minnesota and love to show my Golden Gopher pride. As a huge sports fan, I can be found watching any Packer, Buck, Brewer, or Gopher game I can find.  In addition, I am a a huge science nerd and will talk your ear off about cool new advances if you let me.  One thing I pride myself on is being a life-long Brigader. My door is always open if anyone wants to come down and discuss just about anything. 920-725-8992 ext. 33
920-725-8992 ext. 33

ERIC NEUMEYEr, Program Leader

Eric leads the 6th grade boys' and 10th grade Building Leaders programs on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  In the summer he manages Boys’ Camp 2, Boys’ Camp 4 and the Boys' Anchor Camp. Eric graduated from UW Oshkosh with a degree in Human Services. He also has eight years of military experience with the Army National Guard. He is a Brigade and Boys' Camp 4 alumni. Prior to joining the staff in 2015, Eric was a volunteer for the 9th grade Building Leaders program for eight years and a leader at Boys' Camp 2 for six years.


In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball and hanging out with family and friends, especially my nephews! Seeing them grow is awesome. I enjoy the outdoors, especially Camp Onaway. I also enjoy playing cribbage, but I really like playing against my grandpa. If you ever want to play cribbage, let me know!I feel blessed to be working for such a great organization. I also look forward to meeting all those who come through the doors of Brigade and Camp Onaway!