Onaway Adventure Camp has many scheduled activities at Hartman Creek State Park, Onaway Island, and the surrounding areas. Each day, youth will go on an day trip consisting of hiking the many miles of Hartman Creek trails, biking around the Waupaca area, kayaking the Crystal River, or other exciting outdoor activities. As the camper grows in age, so does the challenge level of the activities, culminating in a 3 to 4 day overnight trip where all of their learned skills will be put to the test.

When youth return from their day trips, the park opens up to them for free time. They are free to hike, bike the single track course, fish, swim, explore and more! The campsitewill be full of activities like card and board games, frisbee, team sports, or just relaxing after a day of exploring. There is always something for everyone!

Once returned to Onaway Island, skiing, tubing, and rock climbing add to the list of activities available for free time. The youth divide into teams and conquer a cross country race with running, swimming, paddling, rowing, and wading legs across the Waupaca Chain of Lakes. Needless to say, the week is nonstop fun action!