We Build Leaders

The Boys' & Girls' Brigade is a 501(c)(3) youth organization for boys and girls in grades 5 through 12 located in Neenah, Wisconsin. The Brigade is a nondenominational Christian youth organization and currently serves more than 700 youth with the help of more than 250 adult volunteers. Through our eight year Building Leaders program, we're providing a community center for youth to acquire skills such as teamwork, collaboration, creativity, responsibility, self-direction, and an ethical sense--all necessary to be a successful, healthy adult. 

Brigade's Vision

The vision of the Brigade is: "The Boys' & Girls' Brigade will be recognized as the center of excellence for youth character and leadership development."


Brigade Object

“The object of the Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade shall be the advancement of Christ’s kingdom and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and a spirit that reflects a true Christian life.”

What does that mean to me?

An “object” in this case is an end toward which effort or action or emotion is directed - a goal.

shall be the advancement of Christ’s kingdom
can mean to progress or move onto something bigger and better. This could mean we would try to create opportunities and situations that would allow each of us to try to improve ourselves, and in turn be a more positive influence toward those around us. 

Obedience… a willingness to obey.

Reverence… honor or respect felt or shown. Not only does this have a religious meaning to us, but it can also mean how we treat or feel about one another. 

Discipline… training that develops self-control and molds moral character. Discipline does not always mean punishment. What would happen to our program, and our building, if there were no attempts to teach and model discipline?

Self-respect… proper respect for yourself as a human being. A regard for your own worth or value. Proper respect for oneself… does a person with a “big head” have too much self respect? Does a person with a drug or alcohol problem perhaps suffer from not enough respect for themselves? 

A spirit that reflects a true Christian life…  we believe Christ should be visible in our organization through our goals, the examples we set and follow, and our thoughts and actions. We encourage each one of you to attend the church of your choice or participate in some form of community service each month. We all look forward to a life filled with good things. We aren’t referring to material possessions here, but to a quality of life marked by love, meaningful friendships and relationships, and a capacity for giving to and enjoying others.


Brigade's Values

Our values statement is the foundation for and the guiding principle of the Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade, clearly defining our aspirations and expectations as employees and volunteers.

We are committed to achieving our collective goals and will clearly communicate personal responsibility and accountability to each employee and volunteer.  We welcome creativity, innovation and inspiration as effective tools for continuously improving the Boys' & Girls’ Brigade programs.

We are building leaders by exceeding the expectations of the youth we serve, through proactive and flexible presentation of our leadership development programs. We recognize the diverse interests and expectations of our community. 

We acknowledge the importance of all aspects of an issue being heard before resolution is sought.  Open minds, hearts and communication will be used to resolve any issue in a fair and honest manner.

We realize that respect and trust are fragile and must be continuously earned not demanded.  We will live our values by conducting ourselves according to the highest professional and ethical standards.

We will encourage and honor the spirit of the individual, the team and the organization in order to attract and retain the most innovative, inspiring and dedicated staff and volunteers in our community. We will encourage these individuals to maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional priorities, thus enhancing their success and pleasure in making the most creative and effective use of available time and resources.

We will always remain aware that we, as an organization, compete with many other attractive options for the time and energy of our youth and our volunteers. Competition creates opportunities for growth and improvement, for those who serve and those who are served.