International/Student Outreach


International Travel

Brigade has several opportunities for international travel and to host international guests for the future. We are proud to host visiting Brigade contingents from around the world. These unique international experiences provide members of our Brigade family lifelong friendships and forge strong relationships between our Brigade and others. We have established relationships with many international Brigades including:

International Trip to Denmark & Norway in 2018

Fifteen local youth will represent the Brigade on an international trip to Denmark and Norway during the summer of 2018! This exchange of international travel provides adventure, growth, and an appreciation for culture and diversity for these young trippers. To make this incredible journey happen, the trippers, their parents, and chaperones are working hard to raise funds. Help us as we guide a new generation of leaders on an adventure of a lifetime!


Ongoing Fundraisers

Scrip Cards - order form

Purchase gift cards for a variety of businesses and Brigade receives a percentage of the total card! Order forms are also available at the Brigade office. This is an ongoing fundraiser in which orders will be collected monthly.

Kwik Trip Cards

Kwik Trip gas cards in $20 and $50 increments are available for purchase at the Brigade office year-round. The international fund receives 5% from each card.

Vande Walle's Candy Bars

Vande Walle’s candy bars are available for purchase at the Brigade office year-round or purchase them from a tripper.