Brigade hosts a hunter safety course each year in April and September.

Hunter SafetY

    This course is taught by volunteer DNR Hunter Education Certified Instructors.

    Spring Dates TBD

    Hours for the course are from 7-9pm, with one exception. There will be one night when the session will begin at 5:50pm. This night is set aside for the student to shoot in our rifle range to practice proper shooting techniques. The date for the shooting session will be assigned the first night of class so please plan to attend accordingly. If you know in advance you cannot make at least 5 of the 6 sessions, do not sign up for Hunters Education at this time.

    To reserve a seat in the class, you must do so online through the Wisconsin DNR website. Registration for the class, payment of fees ($10), and distribution of the class packet will take place TBD at the Brigade. You must register in person and pay the fee to secure your seat in the class.

    The hunter education course instills in students the knowledge and skill to be a responsible and safe hunter. Students learn how hunting accidents are caused and how they can be prevented. Hunter responsibility and safety are stressed throughout the classes, which consist of lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, practical exercises, and individual study and activity assignments. Once you have successfully completed the course and the test, you will receive a temporary Hunter Education Safety Certificate from your instructor. The DNR will follow up with a permanent certification card several weeks later.

    If you have any questions please call the Brigade office at 920-725-3983.

    Find additional hunter safety classes in the area by visiting the DNR website.

    Online Sign Up Instructions for Hunter Safety:

    1. Go to

    2. Click the green "Get Started" button.

    3. You will either need to login or create an account for the student who is taking the class.

    4. On your homepage, click "Enroll" under the Safety Education section on the right hand side.

    5. Search Hunter for Course Type and Winnebago for county.

    6. Click the button on the far right column under Actions, and you are signed up!

    7. To verify your registration or to cancel it, go back to your homepage by clicking Home in the upper left corner. Then click Student Dashboard under the Safety Education section.
    8. Participants must also register in person for the class, pay the $10 fee, and receive the class packet on Saturday, August 26 between 9:00-11:00am at the Brigade.